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The #1 source for immediate, long-term relief for dogs suffering from degenerative diseases like hip dysplasia, OCD and arthritis.

We are specialists in the treatment of canine joint disease and its accompanying pain.

Let us help put an end to your dog’s suffering, joint stiffness, pain, immobility, and poor quality of life. Our proven products will help you easily accomplish this without the use of drugs or invasive surgery.

Joint Issues

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Osteochondritis (OCD)
  • Stiffness/Inflammation
  • Ligament Tears
  • Growing Pains
  • Mobility Problems
  • Joint Pain
  • Back/Spinal Problems
  • Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD)


Is your pet becoming less active, less playful, or desiring shorter walks? The following symptoms could be early signs of OCD, Arthritis or Hip Dysplasia.

  • Moving more slowly
  • Difficulty getting up
  • Weight shift to another leg
  • Personality change
  • Reluctant to walk, jump or play
  • Refuses using stairs or the car
  • Change in appetite
  • Change in behavior
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Lagging behind
  • Yelping when touched
  • Limping
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Arthritis in Older Dogs

Arthritis in Older Dogs

Just like humans, older dogs are susceptible to many diseases, arthritis and hip dysplasia being two of the most common ailments. If your dog is affected by arthritis, there are some things you’ll need to do to make sure it’s comfortable at all times and has the ability – and mobility – to enjoy its “golden years.”

Arthritis is a …

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A Sad Puppy Tale

A Sad Puppy Tale

You found me when I was a sad puppy, alone in this big cruel world. You took me home and we became fast friends. You hugged me and played with me for hours. Every day you kissed me and told me how much you loved me. When you took me outside to do my number ones and twos, you always …

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Dog Kidnappers

Dog Kidnappers

When you own a loving dog who is your constant companion and never leaves your side, you never expect to be a victim of dog kidnappers.

It was New Year’s eve and I had gone out with a group of friends to celebrate the New Year. We had a ball, going from club to club, meeting up with other friends and …

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Know Your Dog Laws

Know Your Dog Laws

If you live in the city and own a dog, you should know your dog laws if you want your dog to stay out of trouble.

When you fall in love with a dog and bring it home, a visit from the police or a trip to a lawyer’s office is probably the furthest thing from your mind. But like many …

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Cleaning House With a Long Haired Dog

Cleaning House With a Long Haired Dog

Cleaning house if you have a long haired dog can be an unwelcome chore and a problem for everyone living in the house.

If you have a pet dog, especially if it’s a long-haired breed, you know what it’s like to live with piles of hair appearing everywhere and maybe even the odor of urine on your rugs or carpet. …

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